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777 Cold Spring Rd. exterior and interior shots, courtesy of Jason Houston and N. Johnston Photography
Charcuterie plate, courtesy N. Johnston Photography
Beet and orange salad, fish and peas, courtesy of Jennifer Mardus
Butternut squash soup, escabeche, apple cobbler, and skyr tart, courtesy of Greg Nesbit
Lambs and farmer, courtesy of Hidden Pasture Farm

The Restaurant

Lamb, courtesy of Signe Kutzer
777 Cold Spring Rd. exterior, courtesy of N. Johnston Photography
777 Cold Spring Rd. bar, courtesy of Jason Houston

Menus + Wine List

Food photography, courtesy of Greg Nesbit, Jennifer Mardus, N. Johnston Photography


777 Cold Spring Rd. exterior, N. Johnston Photography

The Team

Nancy Thomas, courtesy of Jason Houston
Bo Peabody, courtesy of Village Ventures

Menus + Wine List

Pork pâté, escabeche, butternut squash soup, beet pasta, seared scallops, apple cobbler, and skyr tart, courtesy of Greg Nesbit

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